A few of you have come back to us to say that aligning schedules became a challenge in the beginning – and now you are wondering if you should reach out as a couple of months have passed after the launch. Some others had their initial meetings – and then somehow lost the steam.

Here’s something you really need to know: You can start now, you can start today. Irrespective of the history, make a change today. As Mel Robbins says in her 5-second rule ( insert reference) – you can make any decision to change and take action on it today….

Finally, you take the plunge…to reconnect after an initial meeting some time back – or indeed the very first meeting…

“Oh! You’re sweating. Yes, I can feel the pressure!

What will I ask her? Will we understand each other?

I hope it works for both of us….Hmm…let’s take it on!”

Yes, you can feel the pressure mounting as she strolls through the Café Coffee door holding the coffee in one hand and a few years of experience in the other.

And now it’s time to sip coffee together!

Here’s the picture that depicts the moment just before they bid adieu to each other after their 1st session!

“What a fantastic evening it was! I have been so lucky to have you as my mentor.”

“The feeling is mutual and I really wish that we should have met earlier.”

And here’s a toast to the beautiful journey that’s set to begin from here!

‘How you can make the most out of your reconnection/ or very first mentor- mentee meeting’

Here are some practical tips to follow during your first meeting.

For Mentors

  • Focus on what the mentee needs to achieve. Distinguish between the words, the tone of voice, and the body language (read between the lines).
  • Listen more than you talk. Use humor effectively to create lightness and energy in the beginning of the conversation.
  • Encourage the mentee to find out the exact challenge. Support the mentee to help prioritize action points for solving the challenge.
  • Be genuine in your willingness to help your mentee and give her a chance to shine.

For Mentees

  • Be punctual – you may work in a culture where this may not be the norm, but it might matter to your mentor. So, be on time!
  • Don’t waste your time looking to impress your mentor with how smart you are. Tell her about your specific challenges, and ask for recommendations. Dare to be vulnerable.
  • Analyze your own strengths and weaknesses and seek feedback.  Listen with an open mind and invite your mentor to share her thoughts.
  • Don’t be ever afraid to ‘ask’ for what you need. You will never know what you can ‘get’ by simply asking.


Let us know what works for you. Write to us at inspiration@thrivewithmentoring.com

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