We have 4 ways of knowing:





Here’s are a few ideas to nourish us at different levels:

1.    Keep a COVID-19 journal of some kind. (Cognitive & Emotional) It’s an extraordinary time in the history of the world, so think about documenting your experience in some way. Keeping a journal will help you process this experience as it unfolds. Research shows that by creating a narrative of what happens to us, we help ourselves process it — and make meaning from it.

2: Create a plan for projects. (Cognitive & Creative) Being stuck at home is an opportunity that none of us wished for, but it’s an opportunity nevertheless. Look for ways to use the time to get things done you otherwise wouldn’t be able to do. Here are my projects as an inspiration:Ambitious projects are challenging and worthy. I plan to work on my Mentoring book and possibly an online training for trainers. Medium projects require some effort but are also fun: I am embarking on batch producing videos : possibly 20 in the coming months. Fun projects  are purely enjoyable and low-effort. Catch up on books, podcasts, movies, or TV shows ( The Crown is high up on my list)

3. KEEP Moving (Embodied) May be it is time for you to finally start those yoga or Pilates lessons? Look for virtual online classes that you can join from home. The main thing though is to keep moving – be it for walks around the block or a bike ride to fetch your groceries, or simply doing Zumba on your kids Xbox. Whatever you feel like, but keep moving.

4. Embrace the power of Ritual (Intuitive/Spiritual) Continue or create comforting rituals. You may already have rituals that help you feel grounded throughout the day. Find ways to have pleasant patterns through your day that make you feel grounded and calm. It might be meditation, it might be a cup of your favorite tea, it might be a bedtime story with your children.

Resources for Domestic Violence

Last week, we kicked off our first Phenomenal Founder Conversations with the founder of Ruach Nashit - Women's spirit, Israel. Tamar Shwartz has been bringing the silenced and repressed voices of populations on the margins of society into the center of public...

Why this is the most crucial time to seek out your mentor?

Why this is the most crucial time to seek out your mentor?

We are struggling today to make sense of what happened, what’s happening and what the future holds for us. When I say we, I mean us, women.  COVID 19 has set women back by decades in their quest for gender equality. The social and economic changes are palpable and...

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