1. Catastrophes Are Common: The threats we face as a species are countless. In the past we dealt with famines, floods, predators and tribal warfare; today, it is disease, downturn and sudden isolation. Disaster is a regular occurrence; we should steel ourselves to expect it.
  2. You’re Stronger Than You Think: We are much less fragile than we’re often led to think. In reality, we are very robust; we need surprisingly little in our lives to get by, and are able to sustain an awful lot of hits and still, somehow, keep going. Focus on this truth; remind yourself of your ability to persevere.
  3. Suffering Can Teach Us: Most of what we’ve ever learnt came to us in periods of suffering. It helps put our past and future problems in perspective, and shows us – through their absence – the good things in our life that truly matter. Try to listen to your suffering; learn the lessons it can teach you.
  4. You’ve Done This Before: No matter who you are, the fact that you are reading this sentence is testament to your fortitude. Your past is a record of trials overcome: you’ve endured setbacks, conquered obstacles and passed every test life has yet thrown your way. Take courage from your own example.
  5. This Too Shall Pass: Every trial we face is temporary. For now, we struggle and suffer; in time, our pains will lessen, and fade. Even the longest and blackest of nights must be followed – eventually – by dawn.

The route to greater resilience is to explore how well we would cope if so much of what we think we need were to be taken away from us. We would, almost certainly, manage far better than we think in our timid moments

Finding my tribe- makes it easy to be Woman

Finding my tribe- makes it easy to be Woman

The relationship between women is like a really complex biryani. It has so many ingredients, it needs to be marinated, to be cooked well, to be served with love, to be appreciated for all the effort. It is nuanced, flavoured differently at each bite. It...

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