Mentoring has changed a lot in the last few decades. The traditional mentor-mentee relationship is not necessarily a thing of the past, but it’s no longer the standard. However, the role remains the same – to encourage personal and professional development of a mentee that is built around mutual trust, respect, commitment and regular communication.
Thanks to this generous gift, the magic that mentoring brings in our lives!


“I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into 
when I decided to mentor, and it has enriched my life.”

She was a young girl brimming with energy and wanted to create a mark for herself. An impressive character with some big dreams, she wanted someone to help achieve her ambitions. She had met me in one of the HR conclaves that I had moderated a year back. She also kept following my articles and blogs. After actively following my writing for some time, she reached out to me!

And now I feel glad that she did it because I believe this experience is proving to be even more rewarding for me than it is for her. Being a mentor has been a sheer joy and I have discovered three reasons why I’m finding the magic so uplifting:

Learning by Teaching
There is always a tendency in all of us to believe that we understand the world better than others. This perceptual error breaks when you teach something to another person. Gradually you discover all of these details and you start to understand yourself better. So as mentors, we end up making ourselves smarter in the process of teaching others.

Valuable Source of energy
Mentoring has always been a valuable source of energy when you find your own work motivation flagging. During the process you land up in reflecting your contributions and feel more connected to your mentees. It feels good to give something back. With such mentorship opportunities you will be able to give contribute what you should have done much earlier.

Brings in a fresh perspective
The third benefit is motivational as you start seeing your world through fresh eyes. When you serve as a mentor, you have a chance to really see how much you have accomplished in your career. As a mentor, you generally tend to compare yourself to someone who is junior to you or may be just starting out. That helps to bring the things you have accomplished and motivates you to look at things with a better and fresh perspective bringing a positive change in your own life.

Summing up
There is an immense sense of delight and satisfaction when you use your influence and resources to support others to develop themselves. The strong management and leadership skills you depict is reflected in your mentees. Such level of commitment to advocate the advancement of your mentee is the actual magic. Learn to give as much as you take by mentoring others and continue the cycle of paying it forward. Just keep embracing the magic of mentoring others.

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