Challenging for everyone is the change from being a doer to being a leader, and women face different obstacles. Most women struggle to find their own, authentic style of leadership, a style that enhances their influence rather than trapping them in an inauthentic dual bind. Women are natural leaders amid these obstacles and often create the most creative approaches to build strong and successful business cultures.

The investment in an executive woman is a successful business investment.

As women, we tend to approach leadership from a cooperative, synergistic, and mutually beneficial outcome role, rather than winning at any cost.

Staying pertinent as a female leader-

If we have enjoyed a position of power and meaning as a leader, it may be difficult to recognize that our skill set and expertise may not be as important as we step more completely into what is called “the agile era”. Over the past two decades, having experienced so much chaos, we still unconsciously maintain the mentality ‘ better the devil we know than the one we don’t.

We need to stay up to date as leaders-

According to Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends 2017, the willingness to take risks, to incorporate developments in IT and AI, which will have an increasing influence on business and the workforce, will be a very important success factor for future organizations. Risking means making mistakes, and for people to be able to do this, they need to be leaders who create a culture of confidence, encouragement, and exploring new ideas – without the repercussions of being the scapegoat when someone makes a mistake.

This was not the experience of people under previous regimes of leadership. Priority and work / life balance, cooperation, true social responsibility and environmental issues have been token gestures in the past.

Unless income alone is the focus, all the others will suffer as the ripples hit all levels of society. Female leadership offers a wider perspective.

Develop a Coaching Culture-

Some women may “fear the stigma of seeking help” or asking for the time and money investment required for being coached. Show women what the effect of coaching will have on their leadership and professional development skills and build what scholars have called “a culture of developmental coaching, which focuses on development of leadership as a separate process from performance evaluation.”

It is important to provide an alternative coaching choice that may seem (or may actually be) more impartial than using a woman’s employer-affiliated coach. The coachee will thus feel more honest, truthful and open to her real experiences and opinions, without fear of retaliation or backlash.

For many women, getting a coaching experience or being a coach is a new experience. When a woman goes out of having no mentor or director who knows and supports her ability to have a coach “thinking about [her] development, it is even more impactful on the drive to become a better leader.”

Gender gap is a complex issue with multiple possible causes and solutions. Nonetheless, offering coaching targeted to women leaders is a great place to start for companies looking for a cohesive solution that can have a big impact.

Being the world’s transition we want to see-

Women really need to be the transformation they want to see in the world as female leaders. To let go of old beliefs and justifiable resentments is incredibly challenging, but if we want to move forward it is important. Women have certain inherent qualities that make them extremely successful in their approach to work, such as imagination, teamwork, and interaction. People in leadership roles tend to come from a more collaborative, cooperative mind set, creating a stronger team spirit between peers and subordinates. Identify your unique talents, consider what you’re bringing to the table, and then make sure you hear your voice. Leadership for the petition is yours.

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