The relationship between women is like a really complex biryani. It has so many ingredients, it needs to be marinated, to be cooked well, to be served with love, to be appreciated for all the effort. It is nuanced, flavoured differently at each bite. It makes you feel full in a way very few things do in life- and I say this knowing that there are many hats that women wear. Mothers. Daughters. Wives. Sisters. Women. Girlfriends. Mentors. Coaches. Aunts. Agony aunts.

Very recently at one of the Thrive launches, a thriver (now) wrote to me after the session saying- Thank you for this opportunity. I found my tribe.

Even as I write this it gives me goosebumps. Finding our tribes. In the last three decades I have lived across so many cities, essayed so many roles, some I have grown into, some I have created for myself and yet at each of these roles, I feel uniquely supported by my tribe, by my girlfriends who have undying faith in me (and they also make it a point to tell me when they have questions about what I am trying to do).

With time these relationships evolve. Your tribe mightn’t have started out as your tribe. But they grew into it. This group of women that you meet at each event, some of them you genuinely look forward to meeting. Those are people who have the ticket to be your tribe, and you theirs. My roommate in college was somebody who I didn’t share a great relationship back then. We barely spent a few months together in our last year together, but we knew enough to stay out of each other’s way. When we moved on to newer pastures and had to share rooms with other people, we both realised how easy it was to live with each other. We began keeping in touch. Today even after so many years, she’s firmly in my corner and I am in hers. Our conversations have long since moved on from room mates to becoming business people, to having lukewarm appraisal ratings, to becoming mothers, to seeking each other out just for kicks. She’s a part of my tribe and I of hers.

This post is meant for you to tag some of the women who are in your tribe. They may not know everything about what’s cooking at your home, but they do know how to warm your heart. Tag those women, like I am going to tag some of my tribe. Let this be a moment of acknowledging what they mean to us.

How does women mentoring women change the world?

How does women mentoring women change the world?

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