If not now, when?
A mentor will help you succeed quicker, and save you from a few missteps.

Do you know your real potential?
Sadly most of us underestimate the power we naturally have within ourselves. But you are never too old, nor is it too late to discover what you can truly achieve.

Severine, identified her shortfalls and weaknesses and build a bridge to reach her targets, freeing herself from the many things that held her back. She had heard the word “mentor” one too many times and pondered how many people get themselves a mentor in their life? Why should they? Why should she?
No one is an island, ultimately you will realize that you need people and people will need you. A good mentor will immerse you in one of the core realities of this world; success is linked to your relationships and negotiating these from a position of strength. The mentor is the wind to your sails. Fostering the ideas that will help you grow in any and every aspect of your life.

So where do you start? How do you choose your mentor? How does it work? All these questions arise when you take the leap to actively seek “your” mentor.
Severine faced many challenges and you may relate to a few of them. She is a working mother that isn’t ready to give up her career but neither does she want to miss out on the beauty of a close relationship with her children and having the time to dedicate to them. The organization in which she is employed had an opening, and she was ready for the challenge. She had the qualifications and the experience needed for this role. However, the management team wasn’t keen to offer this opportunity to a part-time mother.

This is where mentors make all the difference. They have the ability to apply an objective view on who you are and what you can achieve. Devoid of any emotion, the mentor sees inroads to situations that your emotions will keep you from seeing. The mentor can help you redefine your vision and fine tune how you can position yourself for success. A mentor can help you realize your potential, and help you become the best version of yourself.

Severine needed that lift, not because she wasn’t capable of doing it by herself, but because she understood the effectiveness of mentors. Through mentoring, she has understood her true self, serene and aligned with her innate values.

Severine pushed Thrive with Mentoring doors determined to find what she was looking for. And she was matched to a mentor based on a thorough offline matching process and in-person chemistry meetings.

Claudia, Severine’s mentor is result orientated and believes mentees can only succeed thought rigor and achievements.
Severine defined her experience with Claudia as the highlight of her year. She finally found what she felt was missing: clarity, perspective, insights, a professional companion upon whom she could always rely and seek for ongoing professional advice. Severine says ‘Claudia never tolerates that her mentees rest on their past accolades. She requests the same as she delivers: total commitment. She lets you enjoy those wonderful moments when you have succeeded and achieved, but this is soon followed by a review of your case and definition of your next goals and outlines with you the best route to succeed again’.

From this we can safely make some fundamental assumptions. The first is that whoever we are, we need guidance.
Life is not easy, business life is complicated, relationships can be challenging. That’s why the Universe created Mentors. And thanks to Thrivewithmentoring you now have access to these mentors who will help you succeed and applaud your success wholeheartedly.

Sonia Wilcox, To be Thrive Mentee

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